WinCalendar is both a desktop logbook and timetable creator that makes printable schedules in local Microsoft Word and Excel designs. The logbook maker bolsters making Calendars, Schedules, Agendas and Gantt Charts with an assortment of format choices. You can import information from Google Calendar, Outlook, Yahoo Calendar, iCal, TeamSnap, Excel (record or range) and CSV content document. WinCalendar is perfect for use in making custom logbooks and timetables. You can even spare day by day arrangements in the pop-up schedule that show on made date-books.

WinCalendar is additionally a free appear schedule and date picker. It can be utilized as a stand-alone Windows desktop date-book or coordinated with Microsoft Word and Excel. The pop-up logbook is presently Free as a feature of WinCalendar.

WinCalendar can likewise be utilized as a graphical richness number cruncher and ovulation indicator. WinCalendar is menu (see WinCalendar menu in Word and Excel) driven so there is no format to stack and oversee. See WinCalendar menu inside Excel and Word for Calendar Maker highlights.


What’s new in this form:

Form 4.33:

Fix for issue identified with importing of ical (Google Calendar/Yahoo Calendar) information

Enhanced execution and steadiness when importing schedule information from CSV of Excel record.

Includes support for Spanish and Portuguese

Includes full backing for Microsoft Office 2016

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