Willi27’s D3D Gui Engine v1

-This Trainer is very stable and hardware resources friendly
– You don’t need any microsoft redistributable’s or .NET Frameworks.
– The Cheat is not supported on Windows XP ( I didn’t test on this OS), but working on every Windows OS
– I see on last time lot of shit on another release’s thats use some codes from and me and croner didn’t get any credits.. hm..
– If the Main WR Server have a high Traffic, maybe you can’t join the server. But is a mistake from wr.
– Yeah my English sucks
– Kill the OPK Fucks are teleporting you to the Zero Ground.
– in the next time i will add more functions.. stop flaming me
– if you need help on coding or bypass contact me on skype.

Willi27's D3D Gui Engine v1
Willi27’s D3D Gui Engine v1

[How to Use]
1. Unpack
2. Start the Injector
3. Start Warrock
4. Press Einfg (Insert Key to open Menu)
5. Mouse controlled Menu..

Superjump: Strg

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