Where’s my Water? 2 APK Hacked

Download the newest version, made in of Where’s my Water? 2 android mod! This hacked apk has cheats for free vacuums, unlimited droppers and free absorbers! Want unlimited energy to?! You got it! Just use this program and no one will ever know your tricks!

After Monster University, Disney, which had made some promises about fresh apps, offers this time Where’s my Water? 2. Help Swampy and his craving for bathing.

This new game contains the same ingredients. In order to provide sufficient water to the protagonist, one will allow water to pass from one zone to another. Using your finger, you have to identify passages in the sand and earth, actuating switches and fight against some terribly convincing physics.

Here, we are offered, in addition to sewage: a soap and a range as regards the environment. The game, free, offers over a hundred levels where you will, ideally, recover, each time, three ducks in order to get the highest score. Try this new Where’s my Water? 2 apk mod for more fun! Get the hack tool to unlock free and infinite power-ups!

Where’s my Water? 2 APK Hacked
Where’s my Water? 2 APK Hacked

Where’s my Water? 2 APK Hacked

What cheats does this app have? Well, you can get:

– unlimited droppers
– free infinite vacuums
– unlimited energy
– infinite absorbers

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