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What we think about this game

The online role-playing games with social features and units collections has a resounding success for the video game industry and such flourished on mobile devices. Suffice it to mention Blood Brothers DeNA or Summoners Wars to give you some examples. That is why we have selected today Titans by Uken Games Studio.

On the other hand these games, mostly freemium, are highly controversial precisely because of their pricing model and their many barriers to game time and their often tedious progression. However to overcame that you can download and use Titans android hack! This app does not prevent the game to be nice from time to time and to have a wide audience of fans.

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Titans takes almost all the tricks you’d expect to find in this gaming category. The player supports a team of titans that may invoke powers using natural and basic resources found in the areas of exploration. These explorations are an opportunity for an extremely simple mini-game, the principle is to select the cards one by one to trace a path to the exit portal. These cards will then provide the resources or cause a fight against a monster. The fights are also rather simple and will require you to select a unit so that it attacks or uses a skill. A rechargeable power consumed on each exploration is of course present in the game, and a shop for faster access to better resources and more powerful creatures. Save your money! Download free Titans android hacked apk!

Titans APK Hacked Free

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  • – unlimited lyras

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Titans APK Hacked Free

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