Stardom Hollywood hack

Stardom Hollywood hack
STARDOM: Hollywood is a casual management game in which you create a character and try to make him famous in the competitive world of Hollywood, where he’ll need to become a star and reach the A-List. The process is not easy, you might need to flirt, lie, fight and work your way up… just as any celebrity.

Stardom Hollywood hack

In Hollywood, everything is spectacular and you need to stand out from the rest; become a great actor or actress and interact with the agents, other celebrities and of course, run from paparazzi. Your job is the most important thing to you: try to get important roles which end up being successfully with critics and audience; this might take you to win some awards.

The graphics are great and the game offers lots of possibilities and features, you always need to do some actions and follow the story, accomplish the tasks that are asked you to do and do everything as best as you can.

5 stars review of Stardom Hollywood hack:

“Its an addicting game. I wish there were easier ways to get energy tho than just buy more or constantly searching all over. Also confused how im A-list and most ppl still treat me like im D. Thought there would be a huge difference. But its a really fun game besides that.”
” It is just awesome except one thing, it gets harder and harder when u get to the A list, I used to be on the A list but then I went back to the B list.”

Stardom Hollywood hack
Stardom Hollywood hack

“Addicting/awesome but I wish the energy would come faster and I wouldn’t have to buy more of it but other than that awesome! Can’t wait to play the Kim kardashian version.”
“I’m addicted to this game, after 2 weeks I’m ranked #40 on the A-List! The only thing I don’t like is how once you flirt with someone you can’t be friends with them or do a scene with them and vise versa, which is a bummer… But I love the plot so far, and the layout. Great job! “

Stardom Hollywood hack tool for v3.5
 Stardom Hollywood hack tool for v3.5

Stardom Hollywood hack tool is a free application , very easy to use, that will allow you to play the game on any platform or device you need. (Mac , Pc , iphone , ipad, android, windows devices, all tablets)

Stardom Hollywood hack tool v3.5 will help you to:
*generate unlimited stars
*add infinite cash/money
*allow you to add energy instant
*unlock all clothes & items

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