Simple BF3 Hack v1.2

Simple BF3 Hack.Because nobody do anything in this section anymore I decided to release a simple bf3 hack .Simple BF3 Hack v1.2

Features Simple BF3 Hack (v1.2):
– simple Button-Menu
– PBSS Blocker
– AutoSpot
– PerfectJet
– AutoStandUp
– NoRecoil
– NoBreath
– NoSway
– InstantKill (also for vehicle)
– InstantBullet (also for vehicle)
– MagicBullets
– MinimapHack
– Force SquadSpawn

Simple BF3 Hack v1.2

Just inject and enjoy.

There should not be any crash. I never had any problems.
The violation for aimbot is fixed now.

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