PlanetSide 2 NoRecoil/Spread & Speedhack

PlanetSide 2 No recoil/spread – a poor man version because you have to disable it every time you die and re-enable after spawn. I guess some bits get squished somewhere.

I don’t think that there is anything new here coding wise to learn for those who have contributed here with their remarkable reversing skills but this might come in handy to those who have no idea how to compile with notepad.exe.PlanetSide 2 NoRecoil/Spread & Speedhack

The base address for recoil/movement speed is at PlanetSide2.exe+2A661F0 and some other stuff (I think I saw coordinates but unsure and too stupid to reverse it all).

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PlanetSide 2 NoRecoil/Spread & Speedhack

Feel free to make a better sig. This one currently points to the instructions dealing with recoil from where you can obtain the base.

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