PayDay 1 & 2 Hook v3.1.1

So, yeah…me and my inferiority and passive aggressiveness discovered this

From my biggest fan club (and people who still blame me for being banned )…..

PayDay 1 & 2 Hook v3.1.1

Major ones:

-PD2APIDLLx.dll support is gone. — Someone is jelly
-All native C/C++ DLLs must now be placed in “lib/Native” (within the game directory) — Great because…..?
-The DLL can be added as a reference to .NET projects and it provides an extensive managed API for interacting with the game’s Lua. — Ok…for no reason we can now C#PayDay 1 & 2 Hook v3.1.1
-All .NET CLR Assemblies (C#/VB/etc.) must be placed in lib/CLR (within the game directory) they can be EXE or DLL, doesn’t matter. — More directory stuff….why?
-Lua library support has been added, most Lua libs (such as luasocket) can be successfully compiled against the included header and lib. — Cool, more ways to make useless functions and potential malware. -Way to go….improving the community.
Added CloseState callback registration for Native & CLR libs. — actually, kind of nice
-Fixed up require() to behave properly.
added loadlib() Lua function to allow loading an external DLL from within Lua. — Don’t know why you would need this at all…even then, most lua libs can be done in pure lua
-BTW…Olipro = Harf….confirmed

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