Madden NFL Mobile Hack coins and cash

Madden NFL Mobile Hack coins & cash for iOS & android
The new Madden NFL Mobile takes some firmer steps, but not everyone will be happy with the direction it’s going. The App Store description proudly proclaims that, “This is Madden NFL like you’ve never seen it on mobile,” and whether that’s good or bad will be determined by whether you like your sports games for the social interaction or whether you’re “just about that action, boss.”

Madden NFL Mobile Hack coins & cash
Madden NFL Mobile Hack coins & cash


The most challenging part of Madden NFL Mobile is just figuring out what to do. After selecting your team, it launches you into a mess of options that can quickly get you where you need to go, but do nothing to explain what you need to do when you get there. Tutorials pop up to guide you along, but they seem distracted, or at least disinterested in whether you actually learn anything.

There are multiple methods of play from which to choose. You can play through a full season against the AI, you can engage in head to head match-ups against players around the country (in an attempt to steal their fans, no less (as if football allegiances are so easily swayed), and there’s a friends mode that requires a Facebook account to access.

EA has put together a pretty fun game for those who absolutely can’t stand to be without football while they’re away from home. It feels like they have a good grasp on what makes mobile gaming fun. Unfortunately, they don’t have that same level of understanding when it comes to what makes a game frustrating (either that, or they do know and simply don’t care).

Whether the annoyances of micro-transactions and modern-day mobile gaming annoy you, we at least appreciate that there’s a pretty good game beneath the green veil of dollar bills EA decided to decorate it with.
Madden NFL Mobile Hack coins & cash for iOS & android

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