Ice Age Adventures hack acorns & Red Horns

If you’re a fan of the Ice Age film series that means you can probably stomach Ray Romano’s voice for more than nine seconds. And if you can achieve that wondrous feat, than you will probably enjoy Ice Age Adventures.

In order to rescue all of the happy animal families, you’ll need to take your ice ship to various islands and progress along very basic levels, clearing your way to the mini game sections.

Ice Age Adventures hack acorns

Berries, Shells and Acorns, with the latter being the game’s hard currency, all play a role in our rescue efforts. Berries help you clear trees and boulders on the main map. Clearing said boulders earns you shells which you use to build animal habitats and land expansions. Once an animal is rescued and in its habitat it generates Berries, and thus the circle of life continues!

Acorns being premium hard currency are used to buy exclusive animals and expand into dangerous areas to rescue more of the same. They’re also used to get a second shot at a failed mini game.

Ice Age Adventures hack acorns & Red Horns
Ice Age Adventures hack acorns & Red Horns

Ice Age Adventures hack

Ice Age Adventures hack tool is a free application created for helping “poor” people to generate unlimited amount of resources in game.

Ice Age Adventures hack features:

-generate infinite acorns
-generate unlimited Berries & Shells
-generate RED HORNS & other items requested on repair bridge

All things considered though, Ice Age Adventures is very well put together.Any fan of the series should give it a shot

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