Hookless UAV hack V2

I’m not responsible if you get banned after compiling and using this hack.

Hookless UAV hack V2
Hookless UAV hack V2


– Removed the bypass
– Removed all compiler and linker warnings which appeared in the compile process of the old project
– Included a Loader/Injector

Attention: To be able to use this code, you need to download and install Visual Studio 2013: Visual Studio Downloads


UAV: Automatically sets UAV on every other player and/or bot (Other players can NOT see it).


Credits for the Vector structs: zZzeta/S, Jeon
Credits for the code the SDK and the SDK generator are based on: TheFeckless, HOOAH07, uNrEaL, Tamimego, SystemFiles, R00T88, _silencer, the1domo, K@N@VEL, lowHertz, ccman32, zZzeta/S, Jeon


1.)Download and install Visual Studio (if you don’t already have it)
2.)Open the project in Visual Studio
3.)Compile the project
4.)Use the included injector to inject the compiled .dll file into AVA


1.)Inject this hack BEFORE starting AVA.
2.)ONLY working for UAVA hosted by AeriaGames.

Hookless UAV hack V2

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