Hex Workshop

The Hex Workshop Hex Editor by BreakPoint Software is a finished arrangement of hexadecimal improvement devices for Microsoft Windows. Hex Workshop incorporates propelled paired altering and information translation and representation without breaking a sweat and adaptability of a cutting edge word processor. With the Hex Workshop, you can alter, cut, duplicate, glue, embed, fill and erase twofold information. You can likewise work with information in its local structure and information sorts utilizing our incorporated structure viewer and brilliant bookmarks. Information altering is speedy and simple with our broad components that permit you to: hop to record or part area, find or supplant information, perform number-crunching, bitwise, and legitimate operations, twofold think about documents, create checksums and condensations, view character conveyances and fare information to RTF or HTML for distributed.

Hex Workshop incorporates a Sector Editor with plate imaging tools, a Base Converter for changing over between hex, decimal and parallel information sorts, a Hex Calculator supporting math and bitwise operations, an expression adding machine supporting variables, conditionals, emphasis and number-crunching and bitwise operations, and an information visualizer intended to help you outwardly distinguish designs and intriguing information from rendered pictures. Additionally included is our Data Inspector that permits you to rapidly alter and see information in decimal, gliding point or time and date representations.

Hex Workshop
Hex Workshop

What’s new in this adaptation:

Hex Workshop v6.8 highlights incorporated structure, shading guide, and expression number cruncher editors with language structure shading. The structure manager incorporates into line mistake messages to help in troubleshooting structure definitions. Extra ease of use and textual style/format estimating changes are incorporated.

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