Hanx Writer Hack Bundle 707

Hanx Writer Hack Bundle 707, block & golden touch
Hanx Writer is a very very cool app. If you are a writer you had the opportunity, at some point at least, to try writing on an old typewriter. You have to admit it, it gives writing a special charm. Being writer myself, I had a chance only a few times to cross paths with a typewriter, and I have to admit it, it was special kind of love.

Anyway, Hanx Writer is the kind of app that will bring sweet memories from past. Very elegant, sophisticated, but simple. This writing app gives the word “nostalgia” a new meaning.

Hanx Writer Hack Bundle 707
Hanx Writer Hack Bundle 707

Hanx Writer Hack

This app is build for iPad, so you have a chance to give your iPad that retro classic look. Because it’s created for people who love writing and actually write, Hanx Writer is far better choice than some Notes app on you iPad. Satisfaction goes along with this app.

This app is certainly a refreshment. Hanx Writer has even that DING noise you hear at the end of the line. Unlike the real typewriter, being the app of course, Hanx Writer app is enriched with the actual delete key, so it easier for you to edit you text without taring apart the whole piece of paper.

This app indeed puts together new modern age where every-day technology revolutions are common thing, and old school writing. Just listen to the calming noise of typing, the rhythm is time-traveling machine.

Hanx Writer Hack
Hanx Writer Hack

Hanx Writer Hack is a free tool that give you the chance to run the original application on ALL platforms & devices you need. (all ios & mac, android & windows devices)

Also , our “Hanx Writer Hack” tool will unlock free:

-Writer’s Block Bundle
-Hanx 707 Bundle
-Hanx Golden Touch

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