Hack Boom Beach v16

Hack Boom Beach v16
Boom Beach is a new combat strategy game where the war against the evil Blackguard will be a true adventure.
Boom Beach is the newest game of developer SuperCell. Just like Clash of Clans, is a strategy type game that forced you to enjoy to beautiful islands but unfortunately invaded by the enemy.
YOU will need to Fight to release beachhead and slaves and explore the entire archipelago.

Hack Boom Beach v16
Hack Boom Beach v16

* Explore the islands full of enemies but also some treasures
* Play with other players and make them your friends or your enemies
* Attack the lands of evil Blackguard
* Fight with bosses and destroy them
* Discover statues and Life Crystals

5 stars review:

“Interesting yet. Well Boom Beach is a game built by the developers of Clash of Clans the very successful app for Android and IOS. While the Gameplay in many aspects is based around the same objectives, the over all mechanics have been tweaked to provide an entirely new feeling. The game is still in its infancy which is quite evident when playing through. However it does seem worthwhile. The graphics have also received a complete overhaul.”

“Its neat, reminds much of the Vietnam setting. It also strategic, got to drop your men off on shore. Note: you only have one carpenter, I haven’t got two yet but I’m starting to think there is no second carpenter”

Hack Boom Beach v16

Diamonds are the most important in-game currency since you can spend them on other resources such as Gold, Wood, Stone and Iron. They can be obtained by completing achievements, defending your base, they also randomly show up in chests around the map.

With the “HACK Boom Beach” you will be able to obtain UNLIMITED resources including gold,diamonds and wood.

Our hack tool is very easy to use:

*download the application from the links bellow
*install the app “hack.boom.beach.”
*set the number of diamonds you need
*clicl the “activate” button
*enter in game and your account will be full upgraded.

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