GW2 xStruck Bot – Free full automatic bot

Hello guys, today I am going to share this awesome tool with you,
it’s based on MMO Minion but completely FREE!

xStruck features:
Reviving friendy players and npcs
Map exploration
Fully integrated 2D and 3D radar
Create your own Quests/Missions/Behavior by clicking different behavior of the bot together, purely through the UI, no code writing needed!
Automated selling of items
Restocking of Gathering tools and Salvage tools, Salvaging, Deposing Items… and more

Auto AoE – Looting!
Never miss loot again!
Modern Bot with the highest quality and latest technology out there!
Fully integrated into the game window, runs in background and minimized.
Intelligent usage of all Skills for all classes, easy to customize and extend.
Fully opened LUA API, for people who want to code their own tools.
The most amazing Navigation System you have seen in a bot, human like behavior,
amazingly looking combat movement and free randomized navigation on a perfect navigation mesh. Never look like a bot anymore that stupidly follows straight paths!


I will make a bot setup video a bit later but in the meantime here is what you should be getting:

GW2 xStruck Bot - Free full automatic bot
GW2 xStruck Bot – Free full automatic bot

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