Generals and Zero Hour GenerGenX V2 and Later

Please note: GenerGenX V2 does currently NOT support the First Decade pack!


Following bugs are fixed since Beta 6:
– Zoomhack bug in ZH 1.4 fixed!
– You can now play ranked games against the CPU in ZH 1.4!
– When stats are disabled, you can now see other players loading.

Fixed in Beta 9:
– Zero Hour will no longer crash when you disable Maphack.
– Some problems that occured with laservis or other upgrades should be fixed now.


Yes, you have read correctly. Finaly it will be released to the public.
GenerGenX V2 offers many new features than the first version and it does
now support Zero Hour 1.4 as well.

There is no [AH] limitation but the controlhack works only with a [GGX] tag. Sorry, but controlhack whould be to mighty if everyone could control another.

And yes, it is still a Beta version because i know there are a few bugs in the hack and it does not work for everyone yet.

Generals and Zero Hour GenerGenX V2 and Later

Just copy the d3d8.dll into your generals directory.
eg. C:My ProgramsEA GAMESCommand and Conquer Generals.

To use the hack and enable hacks, press the INSERT-Key while in the game
and use the arrow-key to broser through the menu.

This is the full List of features available with GenerGenX V2…

Allows you to see all units and buildings on the map even when they are under the fog of war.
Activates your radar even when you’re not powered or own a commandbase, radarwagon or have the required upgrade.
Yes, you already assumed it. With this hack is enabled, you can see all stealthed units even when they are not revealed.
With this hack enabled while in the game, you will be able to zoom out as far as you want.
But watch your frames per second! Zooming out to far may lag the game.
Turn this on to see how much money everyone has. A list with the money of each player will be displayed at the right border of your screen. The color represents the player.
Actually not a hack. This option allows you to see how much frames per second you’ve got. Usefull to make performance tests.
This hack allows you to take control over another player. Well, you can’t move their units yet or sell their buildings or something… The only thing you can do right now is using their general upgrades. In Zero Hour you can also use the enemys superweapons and radarwagon upgrade. In extension to DarkAgent’s old Controlhack, you can now access upgrades directly from the command base. EG. that allows you to use the USA spionage from another player although it’s not in the menu at the right side.Generals and Zero Hour GenerGenX V2 and Later
Now the bad thing for you: You can only use this hack if someone in the Game has a [GGX] tag infront of his name. Sorry for that but the power of this hack may ruin the game if everybody could use it.
This hack is still under development and will be improved in the future.
Provides an overview of all players in the game and shows their IP as well.
While you create a game, you can even change the teams, armys and colors of each player. When they have already accepted, they will not recognize your change on them.
You can only make changes if you’re hosting the room!
Here you can disable the stats system for you. That means if you win or lose a game, you will not get a win or loose recorded even when it’s a ranked game. You can also make games with CPU ranked!
Ranked games with CPU works currently for Generals 1.8/ Zero Hour 1.4!
Allows you to define chat shortcuts to your function keys (F1, F2, …, F8).
The spambot should work for both, ingame and in lobby. They spambot can send automatly messages with a delay between 3 and 10 seconds (can be changed). To get rid of the spam protection in ZH, you can enabled the option TYPOS. That will automatly generate typos in the message.
Instantly forcing a mismatch (sync error).
Not available in public released!

1. Keyboard is not reacting sometimes.
2. Menu is slow for some users.
3. Game detection may not work for some users.
4. Radarhack do not work sometimes in Generals 1.8.
5. Stealthed units are not visible on the radar when stealthhack is enabled.
6. Other D3D Hooks like XFire or FRAPS can cause a crash when using GenerGenX.
7. GenerGenX does currently NOT support the First Decade pack, but the next version might change that.

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