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Dead Trigger 2, Madfinger has attempted to inject some variety into the series, adding new zombie types, more varied mission objectives, and a hideout featuring upgradeable workstations and weaponry. And, though there’s no getting away from the fact that this is yet another zombie shooter, Dead Trigger 2 is an improvement on its predecessor.



Each of your workstations (medical, engineering, and so on) can be upgraded to improve their efficiency and output, but this process takes cash and time. However, to its credit, Dead Trigger 2 does not feature an energy system. This means you’ll never find yourself locked out of the game waiting for a stamina bar to recharge. You will have to grind long and hard to collect the blueprints for weapons (which are dropped by random enemies) and the cash to build them, but at least you can do so without interruptions.

Of course, you can skip the wait with some gold coins, which are only attainable via in-app purchase or by completing offers like signing up for auto insurance quotes. Gross. And frankly, the gold scheme is a real downer. Dead Trigger 2 has some great shooter action, but at some point you’re put in a position where merely completing the game means waiting around for hours or paying $10 to buy gold coins.
The bottom line. Every fantastic thing about Dead Trigger 2 is offset with an overriding push towards greedy in-app purchases and/or obnoxious special offers.

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