Blitz Brigade Hack diamonds

Blitz Brigade Hack diamonds
Gameloft’s latest shooter, the class-based free-to-play FPS, Blitz Brigade, is a more light heart take on the genre, reminiscent of Team Fortress 2 and Battlefield Heroes. Featuring five character classes, customizable load outs, upgrades, vehicles, and tons of guns, Blitz Brigade pulls off what it sets out to accomplish, but ultimately brings nothing new to the table.

Blitz Brigade’s single-player campaign – a series of “horde mode” sequences designed to familiarize players with the character classes – is essentially little more than a distraction from the primary focus of the game, online Multiplayer. The game offers 6v6 death match and domination modes on four different maps, the larger of which include tanks, helicopters, and jeeps. Simple to operate and well-balanced for combat, these vehicles add a welcome variety not found in most other mobile FPS titles. While undoubtedly fun and different, the limited number of maps and various game types can make things feel a bit repetitive.

Unlike most other other mobile online Multiplayer titles, finding players and connecting to games in Blitz Brigade is pretty seamless. We only encountered a few problems when initially connecting to the servers. That being said however, it’s important to note that without an internet connection, the entire game is completely inaccessible; including the single-player training missions. Although this isn’t surprising to see in a multiplayer focused game, players using devices dependent on wi-fi may take issue with their inability to access the single-player missions, or even their own armory.

Blitz Brigade Hack diamonds & coins

Blitz Brigade is a fun, well-designed class-based FPS with a lot of potential, giving other online mobile shooters like Zynga’s Respawnables a run for their money. As it’s free-to-play, Blitz Brigade is definitely worth checking out, as long as you can stomach the hefty amount of ads and in-app purchase reminders.

Blitz Brigade Hack is free application launched this summer which will allow people to plat the game online/offline on any platform and device. ( android, iphone , ipad, all ios, windows & mac, all tablets)

Blitz Brigade Hack diamonds
Blitz Brigade Hack diamonds

Blitz Brigade Hack diamonds & coins PROOF

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How it works?

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