BF4 Multihack

How to use BF4 Multihack:

  • Run game
  • Set windowed mode
  • Run cheat

Current version:

Navigate BF4 Multihack:

  • Insert Show/Hide
  • Up, Down to navigate;
  • Left, Right to en/disable
BF4 Multihack
BF4 Multihack
BF4 Multihack
BF4 Multihack

Features BF4 Multihack:
Box ESP (and Vehicle)
Spotlines ESP
Bone ESP (Enemy)
Healthbars ESP
Visibility Check ESP
Distance ESP
Aimbot (Head, Neck, Spine2, Spine1, Spine)
Directional Radar (shellBullet)
Your Health, Ammo
No Recoil
No Breath
Spectator warning (not tested)

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