Battlefield 4 Multi Hack Tool +


Version 3.1 Released!

Fixed ShotStats in Source!

I am releasing a Multi Hack Tool and will be updating to avoid detection.


BF4 64bit Version with DirectX (Will not work with Mantle)

Battlefield 4 Multi Hack Tool


ESP Box = Draws a box around enemies.
Spotline = Draws a line to the enemy.
Health Bar = Shows the enemies health.
Name = Shows the enemies name.
Skeleton = Draws skeleton of the enemy.
Distance = Shows your distance to the enemy.
Aimbot = Turns auto aim on/off. (Scope in to activate.)Battlefield 4 Multi Hack Tool
>Body = Lock aim to the torso.
>Neck = Lock aim to the neck.
>Head = Lock aim to the head.
>Focus = Locks onto the enemy closest to your crosshair.
>Distance = Locks onto the enemy closest to your player.
Radar = Shows a radar of all enemies.
Enemy Only = When disabled, ESP will show friendlies as well.
Crosshair = Shows a frontal crosshair.
No Recoil/No Spread = Removes spread, recoil and visual recoil of gun. (Fair Fight can detect No Spread. Use at your own risk.)
No Breath = Removes sway from breath, useful for snipers.
My Life / Ammo = Shows your current ammo and life.
Unlock All = Unlocks all Attachments for guns, jets, helis, vehicles, and camos. (This does not work for guns.)
No Gravity = Removes the gravity from bullets.
All Team Spawn = You can spawn on everyone, not just on squad leader. (This is for hardcore matches.)
SPECTATOR WARNING = Will disable aimbot and and alert you of a spectator.
Shotstats = on top left of screen you will see info about your Accuracy, Shots Hit, and Shots Fired.

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